How can I contact ProLingo Editors?

You can give us a call at +91- 9560765770, 7834836688 or send us an email at info@prolingoeditors.com. The easiest and fastest way of communication is by email. However, we will of course also be very happy to assist you over the phone if that is more convenient for you.

Where are you located?

Our registered office is at 201-D, Indraprasthpuram, GKP (INDIA) and communication office is at
I-163, Kavinagar, Ghaziabad. However, please be advised that this is not a walk-in office. We are a Web-based business, and our service is email-centered.

Do you have a walk-in office?

No, our service is Web and email based, which is much more convenient and allows us to provide services much more quickly.

Can I bring the document to your office?

No. It is unfortunately not possible to drop off or pick up your document in person, as we do not have walk-in offices. You can rest assured, though, that we are bound to strict confidentiality, as per the ethics. In addition, we can sign a confidentiality agreement (which you would need to provide).

Is it possible to come to your office to have a same-day service?

No, that is unfortunately not possible, as we do not have walk-in offices. However, we offer express translation services. If you are in a rush (the fastest turnaround time is 1 hour-1000 words/hour), and we can express-post or courier your documents, which only takes 1–2 business days.

What time does your office open?

Monday to Saturday: 6 am to midnight
Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

How do I get my document to you?

You can send us scans or photos of your documents at info@prolingoeditors.com, or upload your files here on the website. We will reply with a free quote within 15–30 minutes during opening hours.

Can you translate my document if I am overseas?

Yes, of course. Our service is Web- and email-based, which makes communication easier and faster. All we need is a scan or photo of your document. We can still post your officially certified translations to any address worldwide.

Do you have to see the original?

No. A scan or photo of the original document will be enough in most cases.

How much do you charge for translations?

If you’d like a free quote for your documents, you can send us scans or photos of your documents through the Quick Quote form on our website, or email them to info@prolingoeditors.com. We will reply with a free quote ASAP.

I have a translation of my document that I got in my country. Can you just certify and stamp it? And can I get a discount, since everything is already there?

No. It is not legal to simply certify existing translations, because the translator, through his certification, confirms that the translation is his own work product. As a consequence ProLingo Editors cannot use existing translations.

How long will it take for me to receive the translation?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days, but we also have a range of express options (the quickest one is 1 hour,including on weekends and holidays).

Is there a cut-off time for emails?

We have staff available from 6am to midnight, INDIA time, so we respond to any emails within those hours.

Is your translation accepted by the passport department in INDIA?

Yes, but you must check for yourself whether you need paper originals.If so, we can post these to you, as per you need.

Are you a genuine company? How can I know?

We are a family-owned and -operated business who have provided professional translation services for recent years. We have a 5/4 rating at google business website. You can check out the reviews from our very satisfied clients there.

Are you human?

Yes. We provide a very personalized service, and it is our goal to ensure that clients are 100% happy with it. All our translators are experienced professionals and native speakers.

How can I pay for my order?

You can
(a) pay online with a Master or Visa card,
(b) make a bank transfer, or
(c) send us a Google Pay.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we can ship to PO boxes all over the world.

Will I be able to receive the valid documents by email?

Yes, we first provide the certified translation by email (PDF copy). You can check the translation to ensure that everything is correct. Reasonable changes requested are free of charge. For certain purposes, you will need paper originals that we can post to you.

Why should I get an original? Can’t I just print out my electronic copy?

You will need to check with the authority you are submitting your documents to for the specific requirements. Some only need an electronic copy, while some will require an original/paper copy. The electronic copy is valid, certified, and will have a signed stamp, but the original will have a fresh stamp and signature.

Will I see the translation before you post it?

Yes, we will send you an electronic version (PDF copy) by email first. You can check the translation to ensure that everything is correct. Reasonable requested changes are free of charge. We will not post the originals until we confirm your approval of the translation.

I also need to have documents validated as true copies. Do you do this as well?

No. If the authority you are dealing with also wants a certified copy of your original document, then you will need to get it manage at your end.

I need an affidavit for the Family Court. Do you do that?

Yes, we can provide an affidavit along with the translation. However, you will have to provide the affidavit form that you want us to use. There is also an extra fee.

Can I get the translator who has previously worked for me?

This will depend on the translator’s availability and schedule, but we will of course try to accommodate any requests. We aim for clients to be 100% happy with our service. Rest assured, though, that all the translators on our panel are experienced professionals and native speakers.

There is an error in my original document. Can you fix it?

No. Translators are bound by the ethics to translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected.

My name is spelled differently in my birth certificate and my passport. Can you spell the name in the translation of my birth certificate the same way as it is spelled on my passport?

No. Translators are bound by the ethics to translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected.

My name can be spelled in many different ways. How does the translator know which spelling to use?

For documents that are not written in the Target Language, we always ask clients to provide us with the spellings of all proper nouns (people, places, organizations) in the document before we begin the translation. There are limits as to what we can do though (because of legal regulations).