Counting of words
Words will be calculated in Microsoft Word for a project. This calculation will include full stops (.,), Numbers, marks of mathematics, mathematical equation etc.


The translation work demands adequate time for quality. Today's professional phase has taken away our time. We are also included in the race for time, but with the request that we do not take the time spent in the journey of words from one language to another. We are not dependent on machine translation. Our team of more than 100 translators has the capability to complete the big projects prematurely. But we do not use the capacity of the person as a machine. Our promise to complete any work on time, but 'time' should always be in line with the work.


Honorable customers are expected to provide the terminology to be used in the translation work for any project. In its absence, translators will use the terminology used in the sector related to content. According to any terminology provided after translation, we will also be glad to present the expected changes in the word / meaning.


The language and its nature vary in every fifty kilometers in India. This quality of language is found in other parts of the world. Local language has the emphasis in every language. Talking about Hindi, there is a lot of diversity in it. In this way, we only use the standard words of Hindi.